How About The Kitchen Wash Basin Sink ?

  • By:Songchang
  • Date:2021/09/09

A kitchen wash basin sink, also called by many names including hand basin, sink, dish basin, or simply basin-and-tub, is a large bowl-like plumbing fixture usually attached to a kitchen countertop. The majority of modern wash basins are freestanding and made from cast iron, though some are available in stainless steel. Sinks come in different shapes and designs to accommodate various wash needs of different users, including single hand, double hand, or multiple hand washing.


An oversized wash basin can solve two problems at a time-it can provide ample space on top for clothes and dishes, while at the same time reducing the need to overcrowd your kitchen. The longer hoses on freestanding basins allow a wide range of water flow, which means that they can be useful for drying dishes and cleaning mirrors. Some of the latest models also feature steam accessories, such as revolving brushes. Steam basins are an attractive addition to any modern kitchen, particularly those with a contemporary design.


There are two basic types of basins: vertical and horizontal. Vertical kitchen wash basins have a hole in the middle and can be fitted with accessories to transform their appearance into a washing station. They are usually wider than they are tall, to allow you to wash large and unusually shaped laundry tubs. 


Wash basin sinks are available in a variety of materials. The most popular is probably granite, which is easy to maintain and relatively inexpensive. It is durable and doesn't stain easily, although it does need a sealant applied on a regular basis. Stainless steel is also a great choice, as it is often available in a variety of different finishes, from satin to glossy. Many people prefer the natural beauty of granite over other synthetic materials, but if you are concerned about durability then stainless steel is definitely a better option.




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