What The Difference Between 304 And 201 Stainless Steel ?

  • By:Songchang
  • Date:2021/09/01

1. Differ Chemical Element Content Between 304 Stainless Steel And 201 Stainless Steel

1.1 Stainless metal plates that generally used was once divided into two types: 201 and 304. In fact, the factors are different. 201 stainless steel consists of 15% chromium and 5% nickel. 201 stainless metal is a replacement for 304 steel. And 304 stainless steel consists of 18% chromium and 9% nickel in standard. In comparison, the content material of nickel and chromium in 304 is greater than that in 201, so the rust resistance of 304 is tons higher than that of 201. However, due to the fact 304 consists of greater nickel and chromium than that of 201, the charge of 304 is tons greater highly-priced than that of 201.


1.2 201 stainless steel consists of extra manganese, however 304 includes less; From the fabric floor color, 201 stainless steel carries greater manganese factor so that the floor shade is darker than 304, 304 need to be brighter and whiter, however this is no longer handy to distinguish them by using the bare eye.


1.3 Because of the distinct content material of nickel element, the corrosion resistance of 201 is no longer as excellent as that of 304; What’s more, the carbon content material of 201 is greater than that of 304, so 201 is more difficult and greater brittle than 304. 304 has higher toughness: If you use a difficult reducing knife on the floor of 201, there will normally have a very apparent scratch, alternatively the scratch on 304 will no longer be very obvious.


2. Stainless Steel Fabrication And Application Aspects

201 stainless steel, has sure acid resistance, alkali resistance performance, excessive density, sharpening except bubbles, no pinhole and different characteristics, is the manufacturing of a range of watchcases, watchband base cowl exceptional materials. Mainly used to do ornamental pipe, industrial pipe, and some shallow stretch products.


304 stainless steel software range: 304 stainless metal is the most extensively used chromium nickel stainless steel, as a sort of extensively used steel, has desirable corrosion resistance, warmth resistance, low temperature energy and mechanical properties. Corrosion resistant in the atmosphere, if it is an industrial environment or closely polluted area, it wants to be cleaned straight away to keep away from corrosion. 304 stainless steel for the countrywide consciousness of meals grade stainless steel.


When deciding the kind of stainless metal to be used, the aesthetic requirements required, the corrosiveness of the nearby ecosystem and the cleansing device to be adopted are taken into account.


304 stainless metal is pretty high-quality in dry indoor environment. However, in rural and city areas to preserve its look outdoors, typical cleansing is required. In closely polluted industrial areas and coastal areas, surfaces can turn out to be very soiled and even rusty. But to reap the aesthetic impact in the outside environment, it is quintessential to use nickel-containing stainless steel.


Therefore, 304 stainless steel is extensively used for curtain wall, facet wall, roof and different building purposes, however in the extreme industrial or oceanic atmosphere, it is higher to use 304 stainless steel. In addition, 304 stainless steel has the traits of exact processing overall performance and excessive toughness. Because of this, 304 is broadly used in industry, fixtures ornament enterprise and meals clinical industry , songchang products like stainless steel undermount sink, kitchen sink faucets etc.




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