Kitchen Faucets

  • Kitchen Faucet YM-C021

    Kitchen Faucet YM-C021

    Hot sale installation deck brushed single handle kitchen sink sink stainless steel faucet.

  • Kitchen Faucet YM-C022

    Kitchen Faucet YM-C022

    2020 high-quality home kitchen sink single hole polished 304 stainless steel faucet.

  • Kitchen Faucet YM-C030B

    Kitchen Faucet YM-C030B

    Kitchen durable brushed single handle drop down stainless steel sink faucet with high quality.

  • Kitchen Faucet YM-C041

    Kitchen Faucet YM-C041

    Brushed and polished single-handle kitchen sink 304 stainless steel faucet installed on the deck.

  • Kitchen Faucet YM-C031B

    Kitchen Faucet YM-C031B

    Pull faucet Kitchen faucet parts Flower wine water mixer main OEM ceramic style stainless steel surface wiredrawing.

  • Kitchen Faucet YM-CD007

    Kitchen Faucet YM-CD007

    Single faucet installed on the wall, single-water stainless steel two-tube outlet, dual-purpose outlet.

Tips on Installation od Modern Kitchen Faucets

Modern kitchen faucets play an important role in transforming the overall look of your kitchen and also making it more functional. Their innovation is what makes them stand out from the rest. In today's world, a lot of people have become very aware of their practicality and beauty when it comes to home improvement. There is no doubt that these faucets are great tools for this kind of purpose.


Modern kitchen faucets do not just perform their main functions, they are also an aesthetic part of your kitchen's design. As we all know that one of the major parts of a sink is the faucet because most people using the sink will end up touching the faucet at some point of time or the other. Therefore, in order to make sure that your faucet will be with you for a long time, choose for a modern faucet with a lifetime guarantee. A single lever faucet is very popular nowadays that uses tap water flow of a single handle and is made of stainless steel material.


Single handle kitchen faucets with its great features and ease in maintenance has its own cons as well. One of the cons that these modern kitchen faucets have is its limited water filtration systems. Since the water flow of this single lever faucet is controlled by one handle, there is no doubt that with every use of this faucet, there is the possibility of the hot water to leak from the spout. This might not be a big problem for those who regularly wash their hands but if you do not have a good water filtration system installed then you can be in serious trouble.


Most of the modern kitchen faucets available today have the two handles that are operated separately or in combination. The best feature about these two handles is that they offer more control over the water flow. These two handles can be set to work on their own or can be coordinated with each other through the use of a valve or dial. One of the pros of these two handles is that they do not require any hot water filtration systems that are installed.


Jet streams are another feature that modern kitchen faucets now come with. This type of sprayer is designed to spray water directly onto the countertop surface. Most of these jet streams can be adjusted depending on the height of your sink basin. If you choose to get a jet stream faucet, make sure that the sprayer runs on a motor that is durable and will last for several years.


With the various pros and cons, it is easy to see that these types of faucets are easy to install and use. However, before buying any of these faucets, you should consider getting some tips from an experienced plumber. A plumber can give you some valuable information on the pros and cons of different types of faucet designs and models. With this information, you can easily decide what type of faucet is right for your kitchen. By getting some advice from a professional, you can get the perfect faucet for your kitchen in no time at all. 

Single Handle Kitchen Faucet For Its Best Position

Single handle kitchen faucets are a great option for you if you want to save some money and you are looking for the style of faucet that will match your sink. If you are not familiar with single handle kitchen faucets, they are those that you can turn on one handle and then the water will come out of one handle. The reason this is such an amazing option for people is because it allows you to control the flow of the water by either turning the handle or turning the water knob in either direction. When you have a faucet that only allows you to turn the handle, this means you have to physically move the faucet in order to control how much water goes out at any given time.


If you are someone who is looking for a faucet that allows you to turn the handle and the water knob at the same time, then you are going to find that there are two different types that you can choose from. These two different types of single handle faucets include the rotary type and the cartridge style. Each type has their own unique benefits, but both still provide you with the ability to control your faucets water flow at any given time.


A rotary single handle kitchen faucet is one that has a flat center located at the handle. The handle itself will be turned 90 degrees and the faucet will turn as well. This type of faucet is something that you might use on a kitchen sink that is mounted on the wall. It is a great option for anyone who would like the ability to control the flow of the water with the simple turn of a handle. However, this type of faucet is not one that is very practical for someone who does not have access to a kitchen sink with this type of faucet.


The next type of single handle kitchen faucet is the cartridge style. This faucet will feature one single handle that is turned all the way down and up to offer water to the person in the home. As you can imagine, the advantage of this type of faucet is that it is easier to work with than the rotary type, but it does have some drawbacks as well.


The first drawback of this type of faucet is that it is not very practical for someone who does not have access to a sink with this type of faucet. This type of handle is not designed to handle water from sources other than a sink. Therefore, if you are looking to change out the water source in the event that you do not have access to a sink, you will not be able to easily move this type of faucet in an effort to change the water level on your own. This is something that is important to consider if you are someone who does a lot of laundry or does a great deal of deep cleaning.


The last type of single handle kitchen faucet is the fixed model. This model is designed to be mounted to the wall. This model is the most common in homes that have a cabin design. In addition, this model is also the oldest and most widely used single handle kitchen faucet. Because of the durability of this type of faucet and the fact that it is rarely replaced, this is one faucet that many homeowners will want to make sure they take care of.

Why Adopts The 201 Stainless Steel Faucet ?

Type 201 stainless steel is unique because it was created in response to soaring nickel prices. This means that it is cheaper, but the nickel content is also much lower. Without so much nickel, it won't be as effective at preventing corrosion. The higher manganese content helps make the Type 201 one of the strongest stainless steel belts. The industry that likes this type is one that looks for higher durability at a lower cost and doesn't care about exposure to corrosive elements. Like Type 304, this type is often used for additional panels and other pipeline requirements. Although it is not as corrosion resistant, it still has good corrosion protection. Type 201 stainless steel is especially useful in cold environments because its toughness can be maintained in cold weather. In order to overcome the deficiency of nickel, you will find that it contains more manganese and nitrogen. As the cheapest stainless steel, 201 looks the most attractive. Nevertheless, it still cannot withstand that long in a highly corrosive environment.


Choosing the perfect stainless steel faucet can be a challenging task. There are so many factors to consider including the material, function, and style. Quality and durability are two of the most important factors to consider. While both materials are beneficial, they are very different. Generally, the difference between the two types of stainless steel is the color. Listed below are some of the differences between these two types of faucets. Make sure to check the manufacturer's specifications for any special requirements.


Type 201 is part of the 200-series of austenitic stainless steel. It was developed with the intention of conserving nickel by containing less of the metal. It is much less resistant to corrosion and can be magnetic through cold working. Its higher nitrogen content results in greater yield strength and toughness than the type 301 steel. Unlike other materials, stainless does not undergo heat treatment, instead being annealed to 1850 degrees Fahrenheit and rapid air cooling.


201 is a common type of stainless steel. Unlike other materials, it is lead-free. While all plumbing fixtures should be lead-free, some may contain small amounts of the metal. Stainless steel is 100% lead-free. You can use this faucet safely in your home. The 201 type is an excellent option if you want to avoid any lead-related hazards. Its durability and affordability are unmatched by any other material.


Another reason to choose Songchang 201 stainless steel faucet is that it is safe. Because of its 100% lead-free makeup, you can rest assured that this metal is lead-free. It won't leak any lead into water, which makes it ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. You can feel confident that your new faucet is safe. You'll never have to worry about it leaching lead into the water. It's also an excellent choice for any type of plumbing fixture.


Stainless steel is a superior material for faucets. While it doesn't rust as easily as other materials, it is still remarkably durable and does not require any frequent maintenance. And because it is 100% lead-free, it's ideal for kitchens and bathrooms where you spend a lot of time preparing meals. Furthermore, a 201 stainless steel faucet is easier to maintain than other materials. So, if you're looking for a faucet, you'll be happy with it.


Despite its superior looks and durability, a 201 stainless steel faucet is a far better choice for any kitchen. It's non-magnetic and will last longer than any other faucet you buy. It won't rust, but it will last a lifetime if you care for it. It's easy to clean and will last you a long time. Its smooth surface also means that you won't have to worry about smudges or stains.

What Will Be The Best Kitchen Sink For You ?

There is no standard kitchen sink. Each kitchen is unique. They come in different sizes and shapes. By exploring the different types of kitchen sinks, you can better understand their pros and cons, especially since they work in your kitchen.


Single basin kitchen sink

Single basin stainless steel sinks have a bowl with a drain. Since you only have one drain, single bowl kitchen sinks have simpler plumbing connections and are often paired with a garbage disposal.


Single basin sinks come in a variety of sizes and shapes. The choice depends on how you plan to use the sink. Kitchen with sinks are typically single pot prep sinks for washing vegetables, draining pasta, and other food prep tasks. These prep sinks tend to be deep, while single bowl bar sinks tend to be shallow as they aren't used for washing a lot of dishes.


If you're not using the main sink for food prep, a large, deep bowl is ideal. It allows you to stack plates, bowls, cups and cutlery after a big meal without overflowing the plate. These sinks are especially popular in kitchens where the dishwasher is primarily used for washing dishes, as all you need is the sink to clear out debris before loading the dishwasher.


Double bowl kitchen sink

The double bowl kitchen sink features two bowls with separate drains. Typically there is a standard drain on one side and a garbage can on the other. A double bowl sink is perfect for kitchens where food preparation is a priority. With two bowls, you can prepare food on one side and do the dishes on the other. It allows for better multitasking in the kitchen. It is also popular with people who like to wash their hands - soak dishes in one bowl and rinse in another. Some double-bowl sinks even include a countertop for draining and drying dishes.


Some double bowl sinks have low profile dividers. With a standard double basin sink, the basins are separated at the edge of the sink. But for low profile sinks, the basin separation is weaker. Some low profile models are only a few inches tall, while others may be 3/4 the depth of the sink. The low profile double bowl sink offers the multitasking capabilities of a double bowl sink, but with more room to stack plates, bowls, pots and pans.


Undermount kitchen sinks

They are also known as self-adjusting or top-mount sinks, lower into the cutout in the countertop sink, making them the easiest sinks to remove and install. In order to properly install a built-in sink, you just need to make sure that the bowl fits into the cutout and that the rim is flush with the worktop. You will also need to use a professional grade sealant.


Undermount kitchen sinks are popular because of their ease of installation. The cutout in the countertop just needs to be large enough for the sink to fit in, making these sinks a great choice for DIY enthusiasts. However, compared to other types of installation, undermount sinks are not easy to clean. Since the edge of the sink is on the counter, you need to wipe things down around the edge. A small drawback, of course. But without regular maintenance and cleaning, dirt and grime can easily accumulate. If you use an inexpensive putty or adhesive, the buildup can cause it to lose its integrity and peel it off, allowing moisture and dirt to seep under the sink.

What To Consider When Choosing The Best Kitchen Sink ?

Many people prefer an one basin kitchen sink because it maximizes the usable volume of the sink. It can hold more dishes and makes it easier to find places to put large pots, pans and baking sheets. Some people also like the simple, minimalist look of the single bowl sink, feeling that it adds a more modern touch to the kitchen.


Unless you're designing and building a new kitchen from scratch, you might want to co-locate your new kitchen sink with your old one to avoid costly plumbing and moving drains. Even within the same basic space, there are many factors to consider when replacing a sink, such as how it is installed and the best materials, colors and styles to remodel your kitchen.


Top Mount vs Bottom Mount

There are several different installation options to consider when replacing a kitchen sink. The two most common are "over the top" sinks, also known as undermount kitchen sinks and undermount sinks. What you choose depends on the type of countertop material you have and the type of sink material you choose.


Songchang's top-mounted sink is generally the most popular configuration, mainly because it's the easiest to install and works with almost any type of countertop material. The name speaks for itself; the sink drops into a pre-cut hole in the countertop, and the ledge or edge secures it to the countertop. These are also known as "self-rimming" sinks. Some top-mounted sinks also come with clips or screws for added stability. Top mounted sinks are generally less expensive than bottom mounted sinks due to easier installation.


Undermount sink is also a descriptive term, this type of sink is installed under the counter. This eliminates the lip or rim at the top of the sink and is often used with solid surface countertops, such as granite. Undermount sinks have a sleeker look and are easier to clean because debris from the countertop can be easily brushed into the sink.



Kitchen sinks come in many combinations of styles and configurations, each with their own advantages, although there is no one size fits all. Some of the more common kitchen sink styles include:


Double kitchen sink bowls. Many homes prefer a sink with two bowls: one for hot, soapy water and another for rinsing, or one for soaking hard-crusted pots and pans, and another for regular cleaning. One of the most exciting new developments in double bowl sinks is the low divide double bowl sink, which offers the benefits of two bowls but can also accommodate long handled bowls.





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